About Us

A technology and solution company that operate in geospatial sector. Mustika Paruh Anggang has approved since the beginning of 2012. We offers consulting services and provides solutions to various challanges in the development from geospatial technology. We also support to improve capabilities and improve equipment to improve the security which the company operates. 

Mustika Paruh Anggang is committed to bring you the best solutions for your geospatial needs with integrated technologies from survey acquisition, GIS application, 3D and 4D documentations, digital imagery & drone solutions, and many more.


  • Web-Leica
  • Web-Esri

Industry Experts

Our product development is offered to companies engaged in several sectors

Oil & Gas
Agribusiness & Plantation


High  quality visuals and amazing 3D walktroughs. No need to another service provide or make return visit | 3D asset management | 4D monitoring architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) progress | Immersive 3D media platform to make prospective buyer fell totally immersed in property | Make your space/ asset/ property viewable in Virtual Reality (VR) 

Science & Research | Inspection, Powerline, Pipeline | Aerial Photogrammetry | Disaster, Search and Rescue (SAR) | Security, Traffic and Crime | Surveying & Mapping | Monitoring (Thermal Camera) | Videography & Recording



Satelite imagery as identification and analysis with high quality data and flexible options based on the level of processing you need






Geomatics software reseller for Agisoft Metashape is stand alone and floating software solution for automatic generation of dense point clouds, texture polygonal models, georeferences true orthomosaic


Asset Monitoring Application | Vessel Tracking System | Vehicle Tracking System | Web-GIS for Land Acquisition | Land Surveying for Mining, Agribusiness, Oil & Gas Industry







We provide training or workshop thematic which give solution








We offer several solutions from the technology that we have obtained from our partners and we have developed them to resolve your geospatial problems. Our technology follows the development of the latest systems and instruments used in geospatial mapping.

Advance Technology

Developed as well as possible so that it has speed, detail and high precision making it easy.

Expert Engineer

Able to develop and modify the system and can be adapted to solutions.